Congress – Basis for the Decision-Makers

As part of the KWF Summit June 16th – 19th of 2004 the congress with its theme “Process-Orientation in Forestry – New Technology, New Partners, New Thinking” is offering Plenary Lectures, Workshops and Forums. They provide the basis for discussing process-orientation as means to sculpt success-oriented but at the same time customer- and employee oriented structures and sequences.

Plenary Lectures (June 16th 2004 from 3.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.)

(simultaneous German-English translation)


Workshops (June 16th 2004 from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm)

The workshops take up and reinforce relevant questions. Prior to the summit small workshop groups prepare seminar papers and discussions with the goal to identify problematic areas and possible solutions. The results will be discussed and completed in public meetings with the individual workshop groups. The workshops are carried out in cooperation with the Forest-Technological Institutions and REFA Committee of Experts for Forestry.

(1) Quality, environmental protection, safety-at-work – how do we achieve integrated management in the forest enterprises?
  Partner: Institute of Forest Utilization and Forest Work Science of University Freiburg
Facilitator: Prof. Siegfried Lewark
(2) Through process-orientation to optimised logistic chains
  Partner: Institute of Forest Utilization and Work Science of University Freiburg

Facilitator: Prof. Gero Becker
(3)Employee-orientation in the organisation of processes
  Partner: Expert Committee Forestry
Facilitator: Hans Ulrich Stolzenburg
(4) Fuelwood - a future market for forest enterprises
  Partner: FHS Rottenburg
Facilitator: Volker Holtkämper, Olsberg
(5) Forest entrepreneurs in the process chain of forestry and timber industry
  Partner: Institute for Forest Technology and Forest Utilization of Technical University Dresden-Tharandt
Moderation: Prof. Jörn Erler
(6) Forest technology: where are we - whatdo we need -what trends are emerging?
  Partner: Institute of Work Science and Process Technologie of Universitiy Göttingen
Moderation: Prof. Heribert Jacke

Forum (17th - 19th June 2004)