Excursion Groß-Umstadt / Dieburg 2004 (as at September 1th 2003)

The objectives of the excursions are to demonstrate and evaluate the state of the art in Forest technology as well as in working methods considering the specific central european conditions of forestry (enviromental aspects, certification etc.) Fachexkursion


1. Establishment of stand / Forest-conversion
2. Tending operations in young stands (not to see in the excursion, only explained in the guide)
3. Tending of stands / harvesting systems
4. Additional on the agenda

The main emphasis are lying in new work methods, which have not been shown on KWF-summit yet and also proven and optimized work of wide-ranging importance.

All working methods are integrated into modern process-orientated forestry concepts. The evaluation criteria for the working methods are based on the questions whether they can be applied in certified forests. Certification is understood as an instrument of quality management.

The demonstrations follow this pattern:

Experts demonstrate round about 22 technical solutions (as at August 2003) in complete sequences. Topics are based on a poll (the Forest Districts, the KWF-committee, FTI-readers and experts were asked "what do you want to see / what can you offer?")

Time frame

Thursday (06-17-2004) through Saturday (06-19-2004); 8.30 am to 6.00 pm; demonstrations are repeated every 30 minutes. Furthermore the work stations (special theme shows) located at the Forest-Machinery and Equipment Show (FNS) can be visited.


Most work stations are located near Dieburg and Groß-Umstadt (east of Darmstadt). About half of the stations take place next to the Forest-Machinery and Equipment Show (FNS); the other just a few kilometres south in the Odenwald.

The map of excursion-ground (not ready yet) shows the excursion-stations in the wood.