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Excursion 2004

as at 01-14-2004

You can see a map map of the location here.

Topics presented by
1. Establishment of stand / Forest-conversion
1.1 Cultivation of the soil (specially consideration of certification-criterias).  forest administration of Brandenburg
1.2 Choice of planting-method according to condition of site and species. forest administration of Bayern
 2. Tending of stands / harvesting systems / logistics  
2.1 big seized shortwood harvesting / harvesting of hardwood  
2.1.1 Harvesting of short and big seized logs of softwood: manual felling cut of big seized logs of softwood in passable areas for machines. (manual felling, extraction with an combined skidder-forwarder). forest administration of Baden-Württemberg
2.1.2 Grading and marketing of short and big seized logs of softwood ; grading as a (a) part of technical preparation, (b) a part of marketing (grading at different places, different time and different regulations). forest administration of Baden-Württemberg
2.1.3 Skidding with caterpillar forwarder on soils with low bearing capacity Hessen-Forst;
TU Dresden
2.1.4 Central aspect: The forwader as a "Missing Link" in the chain of custody forest administration of Nordrhein-Westfalen 
2.1.5 Tending of hardwood with a harvester (Timberjack 1470 D); moving with a forwarder (Valmet 860 with the possibility to use as a truck tractor) DFUV, THOSCA, ANW 
2.1.6 Felling deciduous trees with Fellcutter and Forwarder Lower Saxonia Forestry
2.2 Harvesting in mountainous areas  
2.2.1 Harvesting with a truck-based cable crane combined with a harvester-head (Mounty) forest administration of Thüringen
2.2.2 Trailer-Transport after thinning with cable-crane combined with a harvester-head (Mounty) forest administration of Thüringen
2.2.3 Harvesting with a track-harvester Valmet 911 X3M, extraction with cable-crane. forest administration of Thüringen
2.2.4 Harvesting with a track-harvester (MHT), extraction by putting the logs in a Leykam-LogLine with a small excavator. BFW, Abt. Forsttechnik Wien, FAST Orth/Gm.
2.3 Timber as source of energy
2.3.1 Chipping of spruce crownes forest administration of Bayern
2.3.2 Supply of Woodchips - from the stand to the thermal power station Lower Saxonia Forestry
2.3.3 Production of firewood with firewood-processors forest administration of Nordrhein-Westfalen
3. Additionally on the agenda  
3.1 occupational safety  
3.1.1 Occupational health- and safety-management as a process -
the Hessian Model
3.1.2 Safety methods for motor manual-felling: training supported by video films Hessen-Forst
3.1.3 Safety felling of edge-trees supported by an excavator Hessen-Forst
3.1.4 E-Learning in the training of occupational safety forest administration of Nordrhein-Westfalen
3.2 environmental sociability  
3.2.1 Soil protection and forest machines: Comparative study of soil and root impact induced by forest mashines forest administration of Bayern 
3.2.2 Soil protection and forest machines: Layout of skidtrails; Documentation of trails with Global Navigation Satellite System forest administration of Sachsen;
TU Dresden
3.2.3 Fuel, lubricants: longtime-experiences with the use of rapeseed oil as a surrogate for diesel, experiences with fast biodegradable oils. forest administration of Brandenburg
3.3 Operations schedulding, security control of machinery  
3.3.1 Operations schedulding with GIS-based three-dimensional model of area. forest administration of Thüringen
3.3.2 Security control of machinery preventively for larceny and damage. forest administration of Thüringen