Summary of all previous KWF-Summits

Year Summit Exhibitors/Visitors
1964 1st KWF-Summit in Lüneburg
Technical Possibilities and New Paths for Stand-Establishment
1966 2nd KWF-Summit in Freudenstadt
1968 3rd KWF-Summit in Bad Homburg
Technical Possibilities to Improve the Economy of Forestry
1971 4th KWF-Summit in Bayreuth
Work- and Business Organization for Machine Work
1973 5th KWF-Summit in Trier
Forest, Forest Worker and Forest Technology
1975 6th KWF-Summit in Braunschweig
1977 7th KWF-Summit in Schmallenberg
Business-Structure and Mechanizing
1981 8th KWF-Summit in Kassel
Stand Establishment for the Low Mountain Range
1985 9th KWF-Summit in Ruhpolding
Gentle Logging (Preserving the Forest)
82 exhibitors
6.000 visitiors
1988 10th KWF-Summit in Heilbronn
Silviculture - Investment for the Future
125 exhibitors
15.000 visitiors
1992 11th KWF-Summit in Koblenz/Rheinland-Pfalz
Forestry in Radical Change
201 exhibitors from 10 countries
22.000 visitiors
1996 12th KWF-Summit in Oberhof/Thüringen
Forest Technology for Nature-Orientated Forestry
309 exhibitors from 14 countries
30.152 visitiors
2000 13th KWF-Summit in Celle/Niedersachsen
"Forestry in Harmony with Man, Nature and Technologie"
380 exhibitors from 17 countries
30.748 visitiors
2004 14th KWF-Summit in Groß-Umstadt/Dieburg
Process-orientated Forestry

new technologies, new partnerships, new thinking
New exhibitor and visitor record?!?