ELMIA/KWF Loggers Meet 2004:

The Used-Machinery-Market-Place at the KWF-Summit

Loggers Meet from ELMIA AB (an international market place for used machinery), originally planned by ELMIA AB to be held in May in Jönköping (Sweden) will instead be held in Gross-Umstadt at the KWF-Summit (16th – 19th of June 2004), supplementing the Forest –Machinery-and Innovations-Show.

The Used-Machinery-Area is centrally located at the circular route on the open-air-fairground. In the center of this market place is a tent hall offering information regarding available machinery, accessories, job market and “virtual” suppliers (internet platform, Used Machinery Dealers, etc.). The exhibited machines are surrounding the tent hall. A prepared circular route invites to a test drive, processing, loading or unloading.

The appealing presentation of the exhibited machines will be further enhanced by a detailed Used-Machinery-Guide including pictures. The Used-Machinery-Market-Place gains special importance in regards to the intensive visitors advertising campaigns of the KWF in countries that joined the EC recently.


A flat registration rate of 200 Euro will be billed for each exhibited machine.

Special conditions for exhibitors of the KWF-Summit:

Any number of machines can be exhibited for the flat rate of 200 Euro.