Special shows

Special show - Production of Fuelwood
The number of wood chip heaters is increasing. This trend is going to intensify due to the rising prices of fossil fuels. Federal and state subsidies for wood chip heaters and plants furthermore support this development.
For forest owners, new markets for previously unsaleable assortments emerge. Especially if large amounts of wood chips can be supplied, interesting opportunities to increase the forest enterprises' profit margin become available. Yet, the production of fuelwood is profitable only if the costs of harvesting, chipping, transport and storing are covered by the sales revenue of the wood chips.

Special show - Use of horses in the forest

The "Interessengemeinschaft Zugpferde e.V. - IGZ" (community of interest for draught horses) was founded in 1992 by dedicated wagoners on the federal level and has by now reached a membership of almost 1.000. It is a non-profit organisation that promotes the increased use of animal power in all areas in which it can be beneficial. Primarily, this initiative is not about a nostalgic return to the past but about outlining the opportunities which emerge from draught horse work today.

The IGZ wants to draw public attention to the environmentally-sound and the socio-economic character of draught horse work. Moreover, the IGZ attempts to show alternatives to conventional working methods in forestry and agriculture, but also in the towns and cities and in tourism.

For this reason, after the successful premier for years ago in Celle, the IGZ will be present at the 2004 KWF Summit in Groß-Umstadt, too. There will be an information booth at the fair ground, next to which a demonstration of the use of draught horses in the forest will be held. In addition to pre-hauling, several devices for ground damage will be displayed. Furthermore, interested visitors will have the chance to witness the high standard of training of the horses for forestry work and the smooth interaction between the horses and the wagoner, without which a careful and safe working would be impossible. Moderators will comment the respective stations of the demonstration. Representatives of the IGZ will be available for questions.

On the round-trip of the In-field Demonstration in the Heubach Forest, two specific methods will be demonstrated and explained further: pre-hauling of conifer trunk wood and liming of the forest with a horse-drawn spreader.

Special show - Rope Climbing Techniques

At the 14th KWF Summit, as part of the Forest Machinery and Innovations DemoFair and the In-field Demonstrations, there will be a special show "rope climbing techniques".

Aims of the special show are demonstrations of safe and comprehensive working methods and of rescue measures in case of an accident on the trunk and in the treetop.

Besides the proper selection of the personal safety equipment, key elements of the demonstration will be: the selection of an appropriate anchor point in the tree, the art of a secure and energy-saving mounting and de-mounting of the tree, the rescuing of casualties from the treetop, the safe use of chainsaws and handsaws in the treetop.

The secure processing when operating a cableway and the professional carrying away of trunk pieces will also be focal points of the presentations. Meanwhile, open, interesting but also controversial questions on training in the field of tree-climbing can be discussed. The demonstrators and the specialists of the participating training centres will be ready to offer advice. The presentations will be held at different places and at different times during the Summit from 16th to 19th June.

The 4 officially accredited German climbing schools are responsible for the show: